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Teresa Carder
Health Assistant

Health Assistant, Teresa Carder

A school nurse is available to Los Lunas High School’s students on a daily basis from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30. The nurse may provide first aid when necessary, but no other medical care or treatment will be provided to students without a written doctor’s order. Students who are ill or injured during school must report to the school nurse.  Students will be seen in the order in which they enter and/or the seriousness of illness or injury.  Students will be assessed by the nurse or health assistant.  If the student is assessed as capable of remaining in school, he/she will be sent back to class.  If the student is unable to remain at school, the parents/guardians, or other persons designated on the emergency card, will be contacted.  If a student does not wish to go home, he/she may rest in the health office for 15 minutes. If the nurse and/or health assistant deems the illness or injury is serious/life-threatening, an ambulance will be called.  If no one can be contacted who is listed on the emergency card an ambulance will transport the student to the hospital listed on the emergency form.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Health Assistant Teresa Carder or Nurse Celeste Tafoya or call (505) 865-4646 ext. 6005 or ext. 6026. You mail also fax us at (505) 866-4796.